HiFi Reinvented

When project CANVAS began our goal was to invent a sound system that integrated with TVs, both mechanically and visually. We also wanted a sound quality rivalling that of high-end hi-fi systems, at least for background music. But CANVAS' form factor has two major, inherent limitations: The left and right speakers aren't placed far enough apart to create true 3D stereo imaging; and being placed against a wall, the bass is naturally too boomy and out of control. We knew that CANVAS would be far superior to a simple soundbar. But as good as a dedicated hi-fi system for critical, attentive listening? Even we had our doubts. However, during the development process we found breakthrough technological solutions to both these limitations.

Read on to discover how CANVAS became a true hi-fi sound system. 

High End speaker construction

CANVAS is designed and engineered like a true High End HiFi speaker, featuring High End SB Acoustics die-cast aluminium chassis, next-gen paper cone bass/midrange drivers, high precision stiff paper cone long excursion passive radiators and SB-CANVAS designed die-cast aluminium waveguide silk dome tweeters that integrates into the front grilles, for a zero diffraction design. The cabinet is rock solid, built from satin black painted MDF, with extensive CANVAS invented, BridgeBrace(tm)(patent pending) structural bracing system. It features a 4 channel Burr-Brown DAC and HiFi amplifier, and advanced linear phase Analog Devices DSP crossovers.

Room Correction

Traditionally, to get HiFi bass, speakers would have to be placed freestanding at least 30-60 cm (1-2 feet) from the back wall. CANVAS is typically placed straight on the floor up against a wall, or on a wall. This drastically amplifies the bass, but with a very boomy sound as a result. By integrating a Room Correction system through our CANVAS iOS and Android apps, we can linearize the frequency response, and now the bass gains are suddenly a big advantage, with increased output compared to free standing speakers. And since the bass gain is not dependent on the time domain, unlike room modes, DSP-corrected boundary gains sound great. iPhone's microphone can be used to do these measurements to run this correction - optionally, we have our Zen smart reference microphone, which can be used with both Android and iPhone, for even better results.


To get real stereo imaging from traditional HiFi speakers, they will have to be placed freestanding at least 30-60 cm (1-2 feet) from the backwall, and at least 2 meters (6 feet) apart. This is needed because of a physical phenomenon called cross-talk. Placing the speakers closer to each other, and the sound waves intended, say for instance, for your right ear hits both of your ears. This prevents your ears and brain from hearing in 3D. BACCH 3D (Band-Assembled Crosstalk Cancellation Hierarchy), invented by Princeton University professor (and literal, rocket scientist) Edgar Choueiri, works as a digital mattress placed from your nose to the speakers, ensuring your left ear only hears sound from the left speaker, and your right ear only hears sound from the right speaker. This brings back true 3D stereo imaging, rivalling the best and most expensive stand alone High End HiFi systems on the market, with real width, depth and height in the sound image. It is important to note, that BACCH 3D is not a filter that adds anything to the sound, like reverb or fake surround, it simply removes errors in the sound waves reaching your ears, enabling your ears and brain to hear in 3D, with no coloration to the sound. And best of all, it works with all stereo recordings made in the last 70 years! Not only that, it unpacks down-mixed Dolby Atmos, for stunning surround sound for movies.

Universal TV Mount

The universal TV Mount allows for mounting and aligning the vast majority of new TV's on the market, all brands, and in the most popular sizes, 55", 65", 75" and 77". This CANVAS invented solution (patent pending), with matching size front grills, ensures a flush, zero gab alignment of CANVAS speaker and your TV, fusing them together as one seamless unit.


Connecting CANVAS to your WiFi is super easy. For iPhone, just go to WiFi settings, and it will ask if you want to join CANVAS to your network. For Android devices, the Google Home app guides you through easy setup.

For streaming, CANVAS features a next-gen wireless module, with Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, both being multi-room compatible with all other brands of speakers. Furthermore it features Roon, Tidal and Spotify. It also has Toslink digital optical input to connect for instance a SONOS Connect box, and analog with a great Burr-Brown ADC, so that turntables can be connected, to experience your records in unprecedented spacial fidelity.

CANVAS features HDMI eARC, which means it will integrate with your TV seamlessly. You won't have to think about it being there; it will just work seamlessly with your TV remote. Even an Apple TV remote can control the volume in CANVAS directly. Furthermore, HDMI eARC ensures no annoying lip-sync issues, where picture and sound is out of sync in movies, shows and concerts.

Android, Google Home and Chromecast are trademarks of Google LLC.

Hybrid Foot / Wall Mount

All CANVAS speakers comes with a Hybrid Foot / Wall Mount. This CANVAS invented solution (patent pending) allows you to decide how you want to use your CANVAS, even after your purchase. You may not be sure if you want it on the floor or wall, or later change your mind. With this solution you're covered in all usage situations, without having to go out and buy new accessories to shine up your living room.


CANVAS is future-proof, with automatic over-the-air software updates, in case we come up with an even better soundtuning someday, or new streaming formats arrive. Even the electronic hardware is designed to be upgradable, in case someday in the future new streaming or wired standards arrive, which is not software upgradable.

The particularly service-friendly modular structure also makes it easy to replace components, both within the extended 5-year warranty and after the warranty has expired. This ensures that the product can be easily serviced in your home.