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What you get:
  • CANVAS speaker including 55” front grill - this can be used as a stanalone HiFi system without a TV or with for instance a very large TV like 85” placed below the TV - choose finish below.

  • Foot, wall mount, and all accessories, screws, cables etc is included. 
  • Shipping and import taxes are included in the price world wide.
  • 45 days try at home - simply return it if you're not satisfied.
Color: Black
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Product specification


CANVAS SOLO is suitable for all TV sizes and can hang independently under the TV.


Hybrid, works on both floor and wall


Interchangeable magnetically attached in 12 finish options, including Kvadrat fabrics and real wood, in 55” sizes 


Rock solid 24 liters, MDF with CANVAS BridgeBrace™ technology


2 x High End SB Acoustics paper cone, long excursion 6,5” die-cast aluminium chassis



A versatile masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Whether enhancing your TV experience or standing alone as your new HiFi music system, CANVAS SOLO adapts to your preferences effortlessly. Choose to hang it on the wall, place it on a shelf, or let it stand proudly on the floor. The included front grill mirrors the size of the CANVAS 55", ensuring a cohesive aesthetic across your audio setup.

Experience the purity of HiFi, with or without a TV. CANVAS transcends the boundaries of traditional audio systems, offering a versatile solution for every audio need. Rediscover the warmth of your LP collection, effortlessly stream your favorite music, bring HiFi to your kitchen, or elevate the audio on your big screen.

CANVAS HiFi is your all-in-one solution, and with multiple units, the possibilities are endless. Sync them effortlessly with a single tap on your phone, allowing you to enjoy a harmonious audio experience throughout your space or have each unit play independently. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional HiFi systems – CANVAS is here to redefine your audio journey. Elevate your senses, simplify your setup, and embrace the future of HiFi with CANVAS.

What's in the box?

Speaker & Front


Wall Mount

All fittings

HDMI eARC Cable, Power Cable & Cable Sleeve